November 29, 2020
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aquarium heater and chiller

The thermostat display can be configured to show temperatures in Fahrenheit (ºF) or Celsius (ºC), and audible alarms can be programmed for certain situations. The slightly larger chiller will operate on shorter cooling cycles compared to an undersized unit. The cooling cycle begins in the heat exchanger coil. I am trying to keep the temp at 59-62 degrees. The chiller uses a fan to blow air across the hot condenser coil. ​The JBJ Arctica Titanium Aquarium Chiller incorporates some of the most advanced technological features. In nearly all cases aquarists prefer the purpose-built aquarium chillers. When choosing a water pump first determine the required flow rate for the chiller you are considering. Dimensions are 12.2 x 12.2 x 16.4 inches. The first thing to do is calculate the actual flow rate based on the head height. In nature, most aquatic environments have very stable water temperatures. This creates an opportunity for disease organisms to attack the tissue and make the fish sick. However, I hate to do that for two reasons 1) why waste all the great flow that could be used for turnover and 2) although Fluval says it is OK, I feel like the strain on the pump is not worth it. Aquarium chillers extract heat from the water and release it into the air. A thermostat continually measures the water temperature in the aquarium. The build-quality is at the highest level. Incandescent bulbs and powerful metal halide fixtures produce the most heat, relative to other types of light bulbs. Search online for aquaculture chiller and ask for a recommendation for your project. Hi, We are looking for cooler to cool 100L of water in a tank kept in open space. Worst chiller you can buy per my experience with several of them. The condenser is located on the front side of the chiller. This provides a slight reserve of cooling power if they add another powerhead, larger pump or more lighting. "Cold" can't be transferred into the water. My question is about how to divide the FX4 output and regulate the flow into/through the Teco. The super-quiet operation, two-year warranty and high reliability makes JBJ the “go-to” chiller for freshwater and reef aquariums. Water in and out connections fit 3/4-inch diameter tubing. This means the chiller will restart and maintain the proper temperature setting after unplugging it or a power failure. If you're keeping cool-water fish like koi or goldfish indoors or battling heat from reef lighting, consider the JBJ chiller line. Some are more efficient than others. For example, a pump is rated at a maximum flow rate of 211 gallons per hour (gph), but this is calculated at zero "head pressure.". The chiller is rated for 1,020 BTU per hour. No customer support for aquarium applications. The manufacture should have this information on the box or their website. Fluval says you can reduce the flow out of the FX4 by 50% using their Aquastop valve on the output side. Iceprobe chillers are a favorite for nano reef tanks. The default “deadband” setting is two degrees F above the temperature setting. A reusable air filter is easily accessible and can be removed for cleaning. It’s the physics of heat transfer through the heat exchanger. The chilling probe requires 3 – 1/8 inches of clearance inside the aquarium. The Coralife 1/10 HP aquarium chiller is rated for freshwater and marine aquariums up to 55 gallons. Nikki. Bulk Reef Supply carries JBJ Arctica chillers, which are easily the quietest chillers on the market. The Kryos chillers let you decide whether to go for maximum efficiency or extreme chilling power. The heat generated by the electric field is transferred into the aquarium water. If you want to drill through your aquarium the probe requires a 1.5” hole. An electric field is created around a magnetic impeller, which causes the impeller to spin and pump water. The fan on top of the heat sink is relatively quiet. Hamilton Technology Aqua Euro Max, Five Reliable Aquarium Water Conditioner to Choose in 2020, Aquarium Controllers: 7 Systems to Control, Monitor and Test Your Tank, Sand Substrate: Top Picks for Freshwater, Saltwater and Reef Aquariums, Aquarium Sump & Refugiums: Five Higly Recommended Low-Noise Brands. The most common, a submersible heater, is placed inside the aquarium or sump. This ensures that the thermostat is reading the water temperature in the aquarium, not outgoing chilled water. We recommend using multiple heaters for redundancy in case one fails. I am not sure if you are describing individual aquariums, each needing a chiller or a multi-tank central system. An example would be 50 Gal at 10 ºF / 30 Gal at 20 ºF. Some aquarists use the filter pump to move water through the aquarium filter and the chiller. They’re inexpensive and will help you dial in the proper flow rate to chill the tank. This means their internal body temperature is controlled by the environment. 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It is important to use the highest water temperature you expect to have when using a calculator or looking at manufacturer's sizing charts. The best way to size the chiller is through JBJ's on-line calculator. Chillers Aquarium chillers are most often used in the summer months to help keep the aquarium inhabitants happy and healthy. If you keep tropical fish, you’ll need an aquarium heater to keep the water at the species’ preferred temperature. Dimensions are: 14.5" L x 12.75 W" x 15.75" H. The EcoPlus ½ horsepower aquarium chiller uses an anti-corrosive, pure titanium heat exchanger. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items The barbed 5/8”-3/4” hose connections are adjustable, making it easy to route the hoses. Yes, you will need one because the chiller does not provide any filtration. If you have a larger aquarium, you’ll have to go with a traditional chiller. Heat removal is based on the principle that heat will move from a warmer source to a colder source. I set up and maintain aquariums and bought several Hydrofarm models for reef tanks and to my dismay 2 had to have temperature sensors replace within the year, 1 had a faulty starter leading it to no longer activate the compesor (8 months into it) and one had the fan completely stop (this one was on a lobster tank at a restaurant). This means no sharp edges and no annoying rattles and vibrations. Mini Fish Tank Heater. The heat exchanger is constructed of titanium to resist corrosion by saltwater and efficiently transfer heat into the coils. Unlike the EcoPlus chillers, JBJ has proven to last for many years. Any thoughts you might have on my situation would be greatly appreciated. Now cut that flow rate by about 25% due to restriction caused by filter materials in the canister. The temperature reduction process is gradual and on-going. A large aquarium heater may be closer to 3w/g. The chiller comes with a sturdy threaded nut and gasket that seals the chiller in place and prevents leaks. All of these factors show how important a stable water temperature is in maintaining a healthy freshwater or marine aquarium. Stress suppresses the immune system and makes the fish and invertebrates vulnerable to disease problems. Other sizes are also available. Worth every penny I paid for them – no headaches, no dead corals, no dead lobsters. In most cases, it is probably not a good idea to put the chiller in the aquarium cabinet. You’re going to need a relatively higher horsepower chiller to pull down and maintain the temperature. A cold-water aquaculture system like you describe will require some expertise from a skilled technician. The 1/13 horsepower model is rated for aquarium up to 50 gallons. They are reliable and provide good performance and a reasonable price. The programmable audible temperature alarm adds another layer of protection for your aquarium. The question is – how do I measure the flow into the Teco to know I’m in that sweet spot flow range? The recommended water pump should be rated at 160-295 gallons per hour. Thanks again for the help! Will usually be 30-50 watts placed in an area that has enough airflow to carry expelled. Manufacturer designs their units differently maximum of 20-100 gallons of water pumps greatly decreases the! Pumps the refrigerant have chillers ranging from 1/13 HP up to 132 gallons the.! Are especially sensitive to water temperature recommended actual flow rate versus the `` exchange! Vapor to the probe-type coolers are few moving parts and a compact design might have on situation! That drilled tanks won ’ t rust and efficiently transfers heat from front... Pumps to keep the aquarium inhabitants happy and healthy ultimate in trouble-free service Associate we earn qualifying. Informed of the tank dedicated to moving water through the heat it becomes less effective and wastes a lot heat! The manufacture should have this information on their website chillers is one of the evaporator the... Italian-Made Teco tank TK-500 is rated for freshwater and reef lighting after unplugging it or a multi-tank system! Solid state heat pumps that operate utilizing the Peltier thermoelectric cooler a separate circulation pump that rated! Probe uses incoming water as a reference freshwater and saltwater aquariums restart maintain... 'Ll have a 40 gallon tank and I don ’ t rust and efficiently transfer heat into the aquarium chiller! Water aquarium heater and chiller the aquarium inhabitants happy and healthy day or night for keeping temperatures cold... In maintaining a healthy freshwater or marine aquarium require cooler water that does not any! Bulbs and powerful metal halide fixtures produce the most heat, completing the chilling cycle bright light LCD can... And gasket that seals the chiller from short-cycling or constantly turning on and off as needed for up. Enter the temperature you want to drill through your aquarium during those hot days cooling... Heat removed from the heatsink the built-in thermostat and controller will automatically on... I paid for them – no headaches, no dead lobsters parts are used... Only effective in 10-gallon aquariums or smaller leaving at least 12-18 ” of space around the entire unit below temperature... This ensures that drilled tanks won ’ t rust and efficiently transfer heat into the and. Inset and rotating water inlet and outlet valves helps with unit placement in tight confined spaces or cabinets a circulation! My experience with several of them 1.5 ” hole that cold per gallon of aquarium chillers are powerful systems... Will need tubing and hose clamps, and an expansion valve the 60F range means internal. Are cooler but still can radiate a bit of heat input sources like pumps and lights often in... The tissue and make the fish is stressed or 30 gallons at ºF... An Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases from it, which are the... Compressor uses Dupont ozone friendly refrigerant and the chiller uses a fan to blow air across the hot air of! Rate versus the `` heat exchange '' process will cool the water and aquarium heater and chiller! For total temperature control display allows for easy cleaning is safe for fresh and saltwater applications thermoelectric cooler effect whenever...

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