November 29, 2020
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can muscle damage from statins be reversed

Statins are one of the most common and effective medications used to lower cholesterol. You should determine if it is your prescription and not other factors that are causing muscle aches before making medication changes. Statin side effects can cause some to choose risk over discomfort but it is possible to reduce, if not reverse, the side effects of statins. Read full article. Harmful Electromagnetic Fields. The role of Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PEMF) in the management of concussion and traumatic brain injury. However, this study only recruited individuals who had never taken statins. This issue of the statins causing weakening of muscles, is especially important as we try to have everyone increase their activity and exercise levels, to maintain health and longevity. In fact, after muscle problems, cognitive problems are the most common side effect of statin drug use. Statin side effects include muscle pain, liver damage, digestive issues, and rash or flushing. Grapefruit juice can intensify statin effects; combining different cholesterol-lowering medications may increase the risk of side effects; and statins can interact with antibiotic medications. Symptomatic statin users had 69% of the ATP of the controls and asymptomatic statin users had 81%. They checked the results of statin users who are symptomatic and those who weren’t. Video: Nighttime Skincare Routine | Anti Aging for over 35 skin! It literally means “causing the death of tissue.” In the case of statins, the death of muscle tissue. 2014 Dec;35(8):537-46. If you stop taking Statins, then the muscle fatigue will probably go away since the pharmaceutical drug reaction is no longer sucking the Magnesium out of your body. Circulation. In addition, statins impact calcium balance in the muscles which can also contribute to cramps and muscle pain. The use of statins is not innocuous. Some symptoms may go away as you continue to take the medication. Your doctor should test for rhabdomyolysis if you develop persistent muscle pain and weakness accompanied by dark urine. Some believe coenzyme Q10 can reduce muscle and joint aches but not enough large studies have been done to confirm this. The result is often expedited degeneration, myopathy, and neuropathic pain. Few studies have examined the effects of statins on muscle contraction function and exercise performance, and even fewer studies have examined this in statin users with muscle complaints. It depends on your diet, whether you supplement or not, and various other factors as to whether or not your body can … (Surma; Eldashev; De Carlo). If you take a statin, such as simvastatin (Zocor) or atorvastatin (Lipitor), you risk the breakdown of the muscles in your arms and legs and suffering myalgia (muscle aches and pain) or myopathy (a disease in which muscle fibers cease to function). At the very least, they can increase their activity and ability to exercise, while still taking their statins. Cholesterol is a fundamental molecule made by the body for many health maintaining purposes, including helping to fight infection, reducing cancer rates, producing coenzyme Q 10, vitamin D, the sex hormones and the body’s own natural cortisone. You might have heard that coenzyme Q10 can reduce or prevent the muscular pain and discomfort statins can cause. Dr. High intensity PEMFs used outside under the pelvis have been found to reduce urinary incontinence in women by strengthening pelvic muscles. My Lipid profile was good with my LDL at 50 which is below the normal range of 60 to 150! Statins Affect Skeletal Muscle Performance: Evidence for Disturbances in Energy Metabolism. 7% to 29% of patients are reported to develop muscle complaints while receiving statin treatment. Clinical Studies Show Statin Side Effects Can Be Reversed With CoQ10. 2015 Feb;16(1):34-9. 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New research has uncovered disturbing information that muscle damage is much more common among statin users than was previously known. Persistent muscle pain and dark urine may point to rhabdomyolysis, a condition that can cause kidney failure and death. Nonionizing radiation as a noninvasive strategy in regenerative medicine: the effect of Ca(2+)-ICR on mouse skeletal muscle cell growth and differentiation. From November 27 until December 1, Essential Tremor and Treatment with PEMF Devices, Geomagnetic Fields and Schumann Resonances, Static Magnetic Field vs. Pulsed Magnetic Field, Therapeutic vs. When less is taken in, the body simply makes more. Talk to your doctor about changing your dosage, trying another statin or trying another cholesterol-lowering medication. And if these byproducts build up, they can cause kidney failure and brain damage. Modern medicine considers cholesterol a problem, primarily related to the possibility of it causing cardiovascular disease. Complaints are often made worse by exercise. Its impact ranges from mild discomfort to impairment of daily activities such as climbing stairs or just walking. Muscle pain is the most frequent and troubling side effect reported with statin use. STOMP researchers found that more patients in the atorvastatin group than in the placebo group developed muscle complaints. PEMFs are known to enhance muscle function. In fact, millions of Americans take them each day. Fiziol Cheloveka. 2014 Jan-Feb;40(1):76-81. Read full article. As a matter of fact, Statins can cause quite a bit of damage. The mitochondrial energy generating capacity of the asymptomatic statin users was reduced even compared to healthy people. When participants were exposed to multiple contractions typical of exercise to assess fatiguing of the muscle, statin users clearly showed increased fatiguing than control individuals. )After a year I had muscle pain. Changing your exercise routine or going a little easier may lessen muscle pain. If you experience digestive problems while taking statins, taking your medication with your evening meal can reduce the effects. For various reasons, people who are taking these drugs may not be able to stop them, following doctors’ orders. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. In order to determine if your muscle aches are a statin side effect, ask your doctor about taking a break from your medication for 10 to 14 days.

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