November 29, 2020
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challenger 2 tank

Contact Us The L30 gun is made from electro-slag refined steel (ESR) and is insulated with a thermal sleeve. Black Night is equipped with two independent night vision systems to provide improved night-fighting capability. Artillery     Under the contract, a Challenger 2 has been armed with the Rheinmetall L55 smoothbore gun, as fitted on the Leopard 2A6 tank, and began firing trials in January 2006. The Challenger used a hydropneumatic suspension instead of the The Challenger 2 is a British main battle tank (MBT) currently in service with the armies of the United Kingdom and Oman. Some of its components PBISA entered service in December 2005. Infra-Red Smoke Screening System). The tank is in service with the British Army and with the Royal Army of Oman. redesigned. The tank is extended operational range. It Challenger 2 tank is also equipped with a Boeing 7.62mm chain gun, which is located to the left of the main tank gun. Land Systems is responsible for system integration and some of the software. fitted with a new L30E4 120 mm rifled gun. The new main Challenger 2 tanks were proposed. Challenger 2 Effective range of fire A laser rangefinder is incorporated into an intermediate assembly. The commander has a panoramic VS 580-10 gyrostabilised sight from SAGEM (formerly SFIM Industries). The turret is protected with second generation Chobham armour. Challenger 2 tank is equipped with an L30, 120mm rifled tank gun from BAE Systems Land Systems (formerly RO Defence). battle tank is significantly more capable than its predecessor. stationary and moving targets. Deliveries for Oman were completed in 2001. The turret is capable of 360° rotation and the weapon elevation range is from -10° to 20°. is famous for its mechanical reliability. This gun is loaded manually. Challenger tanks fitted with the system were deployed to Iraq in early 2006. On each side of the turret are five L8 smoke grenade dischargers, from Thales AFV Systems Ltd (formerly Helio Mirror Company). The UK placed orders for 127 Challenger 2 tanks in 1991 and an additional 259 in 1994. armament consists of two 7.62 mm machine guns. Tank's turret was It is lighter than the original Chobham, but offers better The loader has a 7.62mm GPMG L37A2 anti-air machine gun, mounted on the cupola. The maximum speed by road is 59km/h and 40km/h cross country. The Challenger 2 has a 12-cylinder, 1,200hp Perkins Caterpillar CV12 diesel engine and a David Brown TN54 gearbox, with six forward and two reverse gears. It is fitted with a muzzle reference system and fume extraction. Tanks     Engineering Vehicles     replace the previous The smaller but more powerful engine allows more space for fuel storage, increasing the vehicle’s range to 550km. 1 x 7.62mm, model L37A2 anti-aircraft gun. This allows hunter / killer operations with a common engagement sequence. This main battle tank has a battle The laser rangefinder has a range of 200m to 10km. In January 2004, Land Systems was awarded a contract to develop a new smoothbore 120mm gun for the British Army Challenger tanks. Despite an increase in weight the Challenger Leopard 2A5 have more powerful engines, developing 1500 hp. A fleet of Titan and Trojan engineer tanks, a CRARRV recovery vehicle, a Challenger main battle tank and the driver training tank are covered under the contract. Army could completely retire its Challenger 2 fleet in the near General Dynamics UK is supplying the platform battlefield information system application (PBISA) for the British Army Challenger 2 tanks. coaxially mounted with the main gun, while the other is placed on The range is given as 450km by road and 250km cross country. Challenger 2 is an advanced main battle tank built by BAE Systems Land Systems (formerly Vickers Defence Systems, then Alvis Vickers Ltd). is a further development of the  Home     Suspension has been improved, particularly a hydraulic track pre-tensioner was added. M1A1 It could be years before the first upgraded Challenger 2 enters service—assuming it ever … The thermal observation and gunnery sight II (TOGS II), from Thales (formerly Pilkington) Optronics, provides night vision. Helicopters     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. automatic fire suppression systems. future. In phase two, BAE Systems focuses on integration of the defence lines of development in areas including user and trainer incentives, integration of material, manpower and facilities planning and better fleet management.

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