November 29, 2020
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clarinet chromatic scale notes

Memorizing two or three octaves of a chromatic scale is a must for students at the middle and high school levels. Reprinted by permission. The following is an example of the chromatic scale from ‘e1’ to ‘g3’: Use good clarinet fingerings. The chromatic scale is important because it incorporates every note on the clarinet, as well as alternate fingerings for specific notes. Typically, an ascending chromatic scale is written using sharps and flats are used when descending. Knowing the chromatic scale and chromatic alternate fingerings are important when it comes to advanced repertoire, auditions for All-State or honor bands, chair placements and ensemble auditions. A chromatic scale is comprised of half-steps. In this article, I will talk through chromatic alternate fingerings within each … Practicing chromatic scales can be especially helpful for learning the alternate fingerings possible on the clarinet. Chromatic Scales for the Clarinet. It is important to find good fingerings that are efficient and that use the least movement. Most young students will start with the C scale and add sharps and flats as they go along. As they become fluent, they will easily be able to play scales with many sharps or flats. 12/15/97 - Make free with comments, suggestions, corrections, or any general friendly chat to would certainly appreciate hearing from … by Kyle Coughlin One Octave Chromatic Scales Focus: Upper Register and Altissimo Notes. II. Chromatic Scales for the Clarinet. For example, a chromatic C scale includes C, C-sharp, D, E-flat, E, F, F-sharp, G, A-flat, A, B-flat, B and C. Chromatic scales are one of the most important things you can learn on your clarinet. The chromatic scale can be a very difficult scale if … III. Bb Clarinet Fingering Chart. Bad fingering choices often lead to clumsy technique. Two Octave Chromatic Scales For the sake of visual neatness, slurs have been le# out in these scales. Clarinet chromatic scale in two octaves and three octaves.

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