November 29, 2020
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ffxi expansion 2020

BG Wiki Existing Items Page - Existing items that were changed. this. Since they're using UE4, it is possible that they could create a modern remake of FFXI that's also playable on PC or other platforms. Se will realize there is only so much of "current" end game that will keep people around for so long, that's exactly why we have ambuscade updates monthly and so on but that will only last so long till people get tired or bored of it. While lootboxes are a thing, MMOs is the grand daddy of this model, and I think FFXI is sitting in a good position because it's mostly profit for SE at this point. It's probably easier to open up JP category II or something to increase character performance. Sixteen is an important number for programmers, and the addition of a new digit is the perfect time to try something new. What I do strongly feel though, is that they will eventually release some kind of new mini expansion. I play FFXI every now and again, have played since 2004. The devkits they use to update it aren't manufactured anymore. Could make monster around the strength of Apex monsters. At this point it'll probably hurt the game since it will be very difficult to balance higher lv caps due to higher SJ unlocking new abilities. New places to mine, fish, log, etc. So they can tweak the text and behavior of monsters on the server and do text menu updates on the client, but not a whole lot more without those dev kits. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Welcome to the Final Fantasy XI website. Odyssey is being called “exploration-centric content” that will pit players both against trash enemies and various notorious monsters with special gimmicks. A community for those with interest in Square Enix's original MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI (FFXI, FF11). Things of Note: Odyssey expansion to the next Sheol. At last count the number of working dev kits try have is around 30, and at their failure rate, they wouldn't last through another full expansion. When those machines all die, they are done, unless they port the dev environment tools to PC, and the staff that made and understand those tools aren't available anymore, and probably way out of practice with the code if they could be made available. Dragoy. It’s funny when you consider that there’s apparently a big announcement meant to coincide with the game’s next Vana’diel Digest, which is due out with the March version update coming very soon. I don't think this game is in danger of going away any time soon and will continue to see updates because of this new focus. Perfect Ten: What the mainstream games media doesn’t get about MMORPGs, WoW Factor: How World of Warcraft’s elite progression obsession hurts progression players too. 1 they have the subs and funds and interest to do it....2 they have to keep the playerbase happy with new content if its profitable enough. Topics: 18,864 Posts: 255,475 Last Post: Project Alex - A Chains of Promathia private server. Discuss all things Final Fantasy XI. There could still be some updates. Nah they called it done when they did the Seekers of Adoulin expansion and I'm okay with that. BG Wiki Update Page - Items and stuff added. Pretty much everyone only ever work on gears, work on REMA, merc and make aeonics. Vague Patch Notes: Have we ever really had an MMO sequel? One more thing, SE, like most major pubs are transitioning their focus to Gaas (games as a servie)/ live services where revenue is measured in terms of user engagement and lifetime revenues from a user. (Since "mobile ffxi" is a remake itself). And once the fifteenth anniversary is over, we head to the sixteenth anniversary in June. The Daily Grind: Do server merges make you worried about an MMO’s health? Add in the new alter ego players can summon forth in the form of Monberaux, a new Ambuscade fight, and adjustments to Mireu in Domain Invasion to hopefully make him less obnoxious to fight. There is definately something else coming this year that isn't just Ambuscade content. We'll get spruced up versions of old content, old gear with new stats, and that's pretty much it. The Stream Team: Escaping the Dual Universe tutorial trap. I believe any kind of major content that we saw during the early years is indeed done. Final Fantasy XI was supposed to be on the way out years ago. Hey, remember when we mentioned with every single post about Final Fantasy XI that the game was supposed to be in maintenance mode? This is it. Massively Overthinking: Gratitude for the devs of the MMO genre. but they do server a purpose - keeps the hamster wheel running. Press J to jump to the feed. It's possible we may see some new zones and content in that regard but I don't believe it will be anywhere the size of what we have had before...but that it will be enough to keep people interested for a while. They could tie Empyrean gear to it and make drops that craft su 4 or master gear. Success awards items that can be used to enhance Wanted Battle equipment, to boot. It’s funny when you consider that there’s apparently a big announcement meant to coincide with the game’s next Vana’diel Digest, which is due out with the March version update coming very soon. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Other than that FFXI mobile will be interesting to follow if it ever happens which I really hope. Final Fantasy XI was supposed to be on the way out years ago. This is just an xiv player trolling, rate down and move along. The expansion shipped for PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 on November 20; the PC version was delayed until November 21 due to manufacturing issues. if any of those would be worthwhile again it would only attract a even bigger army of bot folks, no thank you. They need a lot of resources to develop a new dev environment on PC instead. I personally don't know anyone in my connection that would be interested in mine/fish/log unless it's a quest requirement that leads to another gear. Not really worth the investment for a 15 year old MMO. So their long term plans probably changed a number of times. Or will we get another full-fledged expansion? Here's the exact quote. The fourth expansion of Final Fantasy XI was announced on May 12, 2007 at the Square Enix Party event in Japan. Come for the nostalgia.. Stay because.. we love it so much! It’s still funny. Ambuscade will continue, they'll provide +2/+3 for Empyrean armor, maybe AG IV for RMEA weapons. It's sad because ff14 is terrible as a mmo, it's like a single player game online where you can have a conversation with npcs with AI(humans) because its such a cookie cutter game and forced on you. Massively Overthinking: Would you play a housing-only MMO? Personally I feel we have quite a few years left before they shut the servers off, perhaps 5 years then I don't know but I don't believe the servers will shut off anytime real soon, nor monthly content. And it’s even funnier when you consider that the March update (you know, the latest in the monthly update series) also contains all-new battle content dubbed “Odyssey” to give players something entirely new to do. That's about it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. . There is literally no space left to add any more spells. They said there will be no further expansions, but in a later interview, they also said they could still make a new expansion if there's a demand (need to find it again - this was not referring to "ffxi mobile"). It'll be adjustments, maybe new gear upgrades, but expansion and graphic updates are well past and won't happen. More rehashed content and gear races? I personally want to see another expansion or two, level cap raises, new big cities, and updated graphics. They can update the server, but the trouble with the lack of ps2 devkits is that is where they made new animations and models.

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