November 29, 2020
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wire pantry shelving

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I like the way you added the rope light on the inside...really neat effect.My pantry is a lot like yours but I have two of them and they aren't being used very well...I'm sort of a food hoarder also (I blame my hubby), so we've been trying to use up what we have and try to only buy what we need. I applied the stain with the foam brush and let it sit for a minute. Looks great!! I kind of had a system in place before for sorting food, but it needed to be cleaned up and re-done. What a nice idea. Repainting around those shelves will be SO HARD!! Great job! Darn...maybe I didn't think that one through! And I love your supports--simple and unobtrusive. Your email address will not be published. And yours sure is! I love the glass door, first of all. I decided to go with 1/4″ utility hardwood plywood. AGAIN!! This really works great when you are looking for something specific. We are in a rental with a similar setup so I'm off to figure out if we can power the rope lighting somehow :). I've had my eye on that same duvet set foreverrrr! Some day I hope to get it all pretty and organized. So, I googled "wire panty shelving" and I came across your blog. I must be the only one who likes the wire shelving. The owner of where I work shared a similar story, same reason no food growing up, now she craves a peanut butter sandwich with pickles on it. Thanks for sharing where you got the containers. Any ol' ways, you did an amazing job on your home! YOur new shelves and your containers are unreal. I love how the Chex box is peeking out like, "Oh, hi there." I thought I was the only one over 20-25 that watched that show! It looks like you must have thrown out a lot of food, or put it someplace else. Love it! Congrats and enjoy looking at your great job! They look so much nicer than the wire ones too. So I'm off this afternoon to Goodwill & perhaps Target to pick up what I need and get to work. Growing up, my mom often uttered the words, "I don't know where the next meal is coming from." And you thought we wouldn't be amazed... silly you. I always have too much food in the pantry. No need for a step stool. FAbulous!! LOL!! But most of it is still there! Heck yeah you gotta keep the door open! Send that other table a packin'. ;)The air outside, the colors, Halloween! We bought some chrome rolley shelves from Costco and one of those is our "pantry". You did great! You did such a great job! It’s nothing super fantastic, but I just love how it turned out, for more reasons than one! I just started on my pantry and have been stuck. When I helped her move a few years ago, I tried to nip in the bud, but we both soon realized that it was deeper than just an organization problem.It's so refreshing to see that you recognized it, and dealt with it. I have been collecting small containers overtime and now am finally putting them to use. Way to utilize a small space! I like that it's not huge, and everything is easy to find and most importantly, SEE! If you get some time, come on over to my blog to take a look. Your house is gorgeous AND functional! LOVE the transformation! Love it! So much space, that with my newfound plan to schedule out our meals and shop accordingly, I have a TON more room in here now! Such a great improvement! If an affiliate link is used, I may receive a small commission on the sale of that product. Your pantry now looks like a magazine photo, this is a job WELL done! U r an inspiration. That looks great! I received these OXO containers as a wedding gift. It looks great. The stenciled wall will make you happy each and every time you go to the pantry! I love the pantry transformation! It looks great! Small and sad. The first issue I need to address is the wire shelving. Thanks Sarah. The shelves between waist and eye level are easiest to access, so put your most frequently used items there. They're amazing and eliminate the need for so much cabinetry! I am so pleased with how my organized pantry turned out! I want to do something similar in my master bathroom by using floating shelving and getting rid of the door altogether....which means I will have to buy all new towels and cute containers (ha ha I am not mentioning that part to my Hubby-yet). I LOVE your comments, thank you! But I do have cold storage under the porch. I think you have inspired me to re-do my pantry, I just did it a few months ago and it is a MESS! I realized then I had to stop...I'm doing better and your post inspired me to do more. The top shelf contains our bread and a basket for chips. Foam board covered in contact paper is also a popular option for wire shelving, but I wanted something a little more durable. So nice, I love much more functional right!?!? I'm a new follower and excited to read more!!! Love love love your results! I highly recommend you have someone at your hardware store cut the boards for you if possible. So hopefully this comment isn't a repeat! I know that all of my baking needs are in one bin and condiments are in another. I too am a food hoarder. Since we currently have no storage above our washer and dryer, I added this shelf from Ikea for some extra storage.

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